One of the most fulfilling projects we have engaged in is the distribution of Bibles.  The  father of a young man whom we had given a bible, worked for a very small local radio station and took this bible to work with him where he used it to bring the Gospel to his listeners.  God works wonders and His way of expanding His blessings are a mystery to us.  The "economics of Jesus".  The Bibles we purchase can be bought for $5 each.

Although public education in Guatemala is free, the Government does not provide materials and/or text books. Many families can not afford even the basic school supplies so that their children can attend school. Often the schools are not able to purchase the required text books or teacher's manuals. Minimal funds ($25-50) can send a child to school for a year or buy the required teacher's manuals.

Up to this day...

70 Bibles for the Lutheran Church in Gualan
12 Bibles for teenage girls who taught bible classes to the illiterate adults
25 Bibles to the Mayan Village of La Colina
2 Trunks of school supplies for students of families in poverty 
Christian Education materials for children of a churches in Antigua 
Christian Education materials for children of a churches in Gualan

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