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We might not be able to change the world, but with your help we can change many individual worlds.

The hard truths in Guatemala 

  • Population  of  16  million  people  on  a landmass  the  size  of  Tennessee​

  • 78%  of  rural  children  live  in  poverty​

  • 25%  of  children  ages  three  months  to five years  are  malnourished

  • 3  million  people  lack  public  water service

  • Only  13%  of  the  water  distributed  in the entire  country  is  potable​

  • 6  million  people  lack  sanitation services

  • Less  than  5%  of  sewage  systems  

  • properly treat  wastewater  prior  to   disposal

  • Infant  mortality  is  1  death  per  22 births

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