Our Latest Mission Trip

On January 18th, 2020, our President, Evelyn Leon, will be leading a small group down to Guatemala to make delivery of 100 water filters. 95 filters will be distributed to our projects in the villages of Chixolis and El Manzanillo. These two villages, although they have piped water, it isn’t always available and is not potable when it is available. The remaining 5 filters will be given to Compartiendo Nuestro Bendiciones (Sharing Our Blessings) to supplement their water collection project in the remote village of San Andres Itzapa.

What this means is that 100 more families will have potable water for at least 8 years! What an awesome occasion to be involved in. God willing and with His blessings, we will be organizing another Mission Trip in the near future. Vida Para Todos Guatemala is on the move! We encourage you to keep checking here on our website for information regarding any upcoming trips. Thanks!!


Yesterday, January 20, 2020, we were able to deliver the water filters to the families of Chixolis and Aldea El Manzanillo. The support from you all was so great and since we reached the goal we had we were able to help their 2 schools as well. Now every classroom will also have a water filters. One school has approx 350 students and the other one approx 100.
We would’ve never been able to do this without God and y’all’s support! So thank you from the bottom of our heart, thank you for every single donation, every necklace bought, every 5k ticket bought, every like, share and mainly your prayers.
So from La Escuela Rural de Aldea Manzanilla, Aldea Chixolis and the VIDA Para Todos Guatemala team, GRACIAS!


Ministerios Cristianos Vida (Christian Life Ministries) performs the critical and valuable task of coordinating all of our in-country volunteer activities. It would be nearly impossible to serve as we do without their partnership. The latest was the delivery of water filters on Jan 20,2020. Not only did they coordinate the trip, as they did last year, but they also gave instruction on how to backwash the filters. One of their staff is demonstrating this in the photo below left. We are so extremely and eternally grateful for their unselfish involvement with our outreach.

Compartiendo Nuestro Bendiciones (Sharing Our Blessings) uses our water filters to encourage the people in their local village to construct water collection cisterns. These cisterns are built from plastic bottles that are collected from alongside the roads and elsewhere. They are then filled with other waste materials and are used as the bricks. We believe this is to be an excellent partnerhip and one that makes each of our programs and services better. Their co-directors are shown below in the middle and a lady who has collected enough bottles to build her cistern is on the right.

Iglesia Luterana De La Resureccion (Lutheran Chruch of the Resurrection) has partnered with us to provide food during the COVID-19 pandaemic. Guatemala has been, and is being, hit exremely hard by this outbreak. The currrent saying is: “If the virus doesn’t kill us, then hunger will.” Families are displaying white flags out side of their homes to indicate the need for food. More and more flags are being displayed all the time. We are very grateful for the involvement of the Iglesia whose pastor has been delivering bags of food whenever he can travel from his home.



Vida Para Todos Guatemala has recently been blessed with the opportunity to provide different types of Children’s Bibles for Compartiendo Nuestro Bendicines (Sharing Our Blessings) in support of their Sunday School Program.

We would love to do more of the same in other locations, but we need your help and of course God’s Blessings to accomplish this. Please consider supporting this cause so more children can be brought to Christ. Just like young Diego.

March 23, 2020

As soon as we possible can, we will be providing the schools in Chixolis and El Manzanillo, where we just completed the outfitting of all of their classrooms with water filters, with these institutional stoves for preparing school lunches. Currently Guatemala is under quarantine due to the Corona Virus, but when it is lifted we will be able to have the stoves delivered and installed. The users will also be given training.

We have used many of their smaller family size stoves with great success. These stoves are extremely efficient, using approximately 65-70% less firewood.

May 12, 2020:

Over the past month we have been working with our Outreach Partners; Compartiendo Nuestro Bendiciones (Sharing Our Blessings), Iglesia Luterana de la Resureccion (Lutheran Church of the Resurrection) and with the village of Patzun to provide bags of non-perishable food to distressed families suffering from extreme hunger due to COVID-19. To date we have helped to provided food for 30 families for 3 months in Los Limones, 6 bags of food in San Andres Itzapa and 24 bags of food in the village of Patzun. We have plans to continue this outreach as funds allow.

Pastor Luis Jasinto from the Lutheran Church of the Resurrection is seen delivering food and blessing the little one while giving a prayer.