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By creating a more productive future for Guatemala individuals will be less likely to attempt irregular migration to the United States.

We provide several opportunities to become involved in our ministry apart from volunteering. Our outreach services include bible distribution, providing materials to both teachers and students within the public school system.

We also provide water filtration, vented eco stoves and simple medicines that frequently are not affordable. We have also provided emergency relief to hundred of victims of eruption of the Fuego Volcano near Antigua.

Volcano Relief

The 2018 eruption of the Fuego Volcano in Guatemala took the lives of hundreds of people and left thousands others in desperate situations. An estimated 3,000 people were buried in the ash and another 300 + are still missing. 

Christian Education

Being a Christian Organization, it is encumbant on us to support Christian Education when and where we are asked to do so. It is always best to repsond to needs rather than assume the needs.

Secular Education

Guatemala, although a poor country, is making postive progress in building a productive and stable society. Education is key to this becoming a success. We provide school supplies, text books and teachers’ manuals.

Nutrition & Health

A society, and therefore a country, can not reach its full potential if its’ citizens suffer from poor nutrition and poor health. By providing proper food items and supplements, we can help build a stronger Guatemala that more independant.


It is almost unthinkable that simple, over the counter medicines would not be easily accessible or afforable. Yet, that is the case with so many Guatemalans who struggle on a daily basis just to survive. Supplying these medicines is another way that we build a more productive and stable Guatemala.