• $317.00 for 12 children’s bibles and bible guides;
  • $4,737.50 for water filters giving pure water to 106 families for 8 years;
  • $510.00 for 2 industrial eco-stoves that were placed in 2 elementary schools;
  • $3,617.00 for food bags of basic non-perishable items for 148 families plus another $2,720.00 for CONpassion (Caring for Our Neighbors with Passion) to purchase and deliver food for another 52 families for 3 months. 
  • All of this totaled 940 bags of non-perishable food equalling over 24,000 meals.
  • We never would have achieved all of this without the support of all of you. So, thanks to all of you who supported our work! God has truly blessed us and you, too, are a blessing!
  • $500 worth of food relief supplies have been delivered to the village of Cajixay Cotzal El Quiche.

Please excuse the poor quality, but the video is certainly moving. Mother and daughter reunited after the hurricanes and floods.

Guatemala Hurricanes – 11/17/2020

We are sure many of our followers are aware of the devastation caused by Hurricane Eta. The city of Gualan was absolutley hammered.  In the past we have worked closely with Pastor Jasinto of the Resurrection Lutheran Church in Gualan with our nutrition program.  Our Project Manager is holding discussions with him to see how we can best help. Now, Hurricane Iota is ready to dump another 20″ – 30″ of rain on Guatemala.


Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 we will be unable to hold a 5K in 2020. We hope to see you all again in 2021. Thank you for your understanding and your pass suppport for our clean water project!

Our very first 5K “Run for Water” was held August 5, 2017 in San Antonio. It was a learning experience for all of those involved; we can’t thank Andres Holliday and Elena Castoreno enough for their valuable input  in making this a complete success. We raised enough funds for 42 water filters plus expenses. Not only that, but it was at this event that we met our current president Evelyn Leon.


As expected, our second 5K “Run for Water” was a significant improvement over the first with an increase in participants from 58 to 77!  We also enjoyed and increase in the number of water filters from 42 to 60. We did some research and held the event at a different venue that was better sutied to our needs based on what we learned from the first 5K. To take advantage of cooler temperatures, we scheduled the run for October, 6th rather than some Saturday in August.

A Great Day – Great  People and a Great Cause!

A win, Win, WIN!!!

So, here we are at our 3rd annual 5K “Run for Water”which was held at the same venue as was the second one. Once again the number of participants increased from the previous year, but not as dramatically. We only had an increase of 9 participants, but that was OK.  Due to generous participants we were able to purchase and deliver 80 water filters to the families in Chixolis and El Manzanilla. This is what Vida Para Todos Guatemala is all about serving.


August 1, 2020

With a generous donation from a lady who is a member of Faith Lutheran Church in Branson, Missouri, we were able to purchase and arrange the pick up and delivery of four more water filters (only 2 are shown).  They were delivered to Mayan families who live up in the montains about 2 hours North of the city of Antigua. The villagers there have very limited access to potable water and these filters are an incredible blessing to those who received them. The COVID-19 has certainly slowed our ability to provide the services we do at our usual pace, but with the Lord’s help and guidance we do manage to provide some much needed assistance.


The two stoves awating to be installed so the elementary student will get breakfast when the school reopens.

July 9,2020

After waiting about 4 months, the school stoves we wrote about earlier were delivered on July 2nd! The long wait was due to COVD-19 and then permission was needed to have the schools opened as they have been closed since the onset of the virus. Our project manager in Guatemala, Irvin Leon, arranged for the delivery. Installation will be done before the schools open again and will be used to cook breakfast for the children at the elementary school and the early childhood school in El Manzanilla.


The stoves ready to be off-loaded. They are manufactured in San Antonio Aguas Caliente by Guatemalans

JUNE 10,2020

Thank you donors! To date we have purchased over $1,300 worth of emergency relief food for the settlements of Los Limones and Patzun. The next settlement to get food will be Piedra Azules, again with the help of the Lutheran Church in Gualan. Muchas gracias Pastor Jasinto!
#vptg #feedthepoor #dountoothers #Godisgreat

MAY 10,2020

Over the past month we have been working with our Outreach Partners; Compartiendo Nuestro Bendiciones (Sharing Our Blessings), Iglesia Luterana de la Resureccion (Lutheran Church of the Resurrection) and with the village of Patzun to provide bags of non-perishable food to distressed families suffering from extreme hunger due to COVID-19. To date we have helped to provided food for 30 families for 3 months in Los Limones, 6 bags of food in San Andres Itzapa and 24 bags of food in the village of Patzun. We have plans to continue this outreach as funds allow.

Pastor Luis Jasinto from the Lutheran Church of the Resurrection is seen delivering food and blessing the little one while giving a prayer.



There are times in ones life when the presence of God can not be denied or doubted. These past few weeks have proven that HE is always with us and cares for His children no matter where they may live in this world. Because of His guidance, grace and blessings we are feeding so many in Guatemala that otherwise may have died of starvation; this not to be taken lightly as it was a very real possibility. Thanks to all and thanks be to God!


MAY 6, 2020

Thank you so much to everyone who donated yesterday!! We are beyond blessed and thankful to announce that we reached our goal. We will be able to provide food for 30 families for 3 months in Los Limones, Gualan. But that’s not all, you guys were so generous that we were able to raise enough to bless another 24 families with a food bag in Patzun. Both of these tiny villages, aldeas, are extremely poor and may of those living there were facing starvation – literally. We will forever be grateful for your generosity, you have made such an impact to these families in need. May our loving God bless each one of you now and for each day of your time here on earth and eternally ever after.

March 23, 2020

As soon as we possible can, we will be providing the schools in Chixolis and El Manzanillo, where we just completed the outfitting of all of their classrooms with water filters, with these institutional stoves for preparing school lunches. Currently Guatemala is under quarantine due to the Corona Virus, but when it is lifted we will be able to have the stoves delivered and installed. The users will also be given training.

We have used many of their smaller family size stoves with great success. These stoves are extremely efficient, using approximately 65-70% less firewood.

March 6,2020

Vida Para Todos Guatemala has recently been blessed with the opportunity to provide different types of Children’s Bibles for Compartiendo Nuestro Bendicines (Sharing Our Blessings) in support of their Sunday School Program.

We would love to do more of the same in other locations, but we need your help and of course God’s Blessings to accomplish this. Please consider supporting this cause so more children can be brought to Christ. Just like young Diego.